Joy Holloway - Sunflare Digital Productions (Barbados)

Realizing the need for West Indians to tell their own stories in their own voices; Joy embarked on what is now LINKS TV. Bajans and West Indians have just as vibrant and exciting stories and lives as anyone else. And being an avid lover of stories of all sorts and a great listener and thought why not use media to emit these stories? Why not LINKS; and after communicating with friends back home and realizing that there was a big disconnect on the day to day aspect of real life in the city she embarked on what is now this movement, why not our stories, why not see OURSELVES on TV - we are all stars!

Joy is a proud Barbadian and also the Editor & Producer and the sometimes invisible host of LINKS. She hails from Oxnards St. James - for all those who know a little something about Barbados!

Joy is a graduate of Brooklyn College and holds a degree in Radio & Television Communications with a Minor in Theatre and when not working on all her many projects she's out looking for interesting stories so if you have any - do tell she's all ears!